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Known as the 'Middle Eastern city that never sleeps', Tel Aviv is an effervescent destination with plenty of attractions. Although it isn't as large as New York, this magnificent destination rivals its 'American brother' in cultural splendor and night-time marvels. The city developed from the ancient district of Jaffa, a port town that still thrives behind an ancient, shielding wall.

Sightseeing Tel Aviv's historical, cultural and entertainment gems is recommended. From Jaffa, head north to find a chronological list of attractions through the city. From the observation decks of the modern Azrieli Tower to the preserved exhibitions of the Eretz-Israel Museum, this Israeli city is teeming with a host of charming and beguiling landmarks.

Despite Tel Aviv's wealth of sights, its cultural highlights take the lead in the city's tourism industry. The beach is among the most desirable strips of sand on the Mediterranean, and several amusement parks host thousands of thrillseekers annually. The markets and shopping complexes bustle everyday of the week, while 24-hour hotspots keep the city's nightlife well and truly alive.

Ten things you must do in Tel Aviv

  • Jaffa is the old, walled city found within Tel Aviv and is undoubtedly a major attraction for Israel. Visitors can stroll through the historic alleyways and streets, sit at one of the cafés, dine at a restaurant and embrace the old culture of Jaffa. The clock tower, St. Franciscan Church, Immanuel Church and the Jaffa Lighthouse are the main sites in this old district.
  • The Azrieli Lookout is found at the 49th floor of the Azrieli Tower. It is now possible to take in a sight of Tel Aviv all at once. An animated film of the city is also available at the observation deck, and a voice-over guide helps tourists understand the history of the city. Even better, visitors won't have to line up for hours to reach the top of the tower.
  • The Tel Aviv Port is the place to be seen. Formerly a disused area that was horrifically run-down, the port has become the most impressive and trendiest district in the city. Filled to the brim with restaurants, bars, shops and galleries, the port is a particularly busy spot on a Friday or Saturday night. If tourists have plans to dine, then make sure table reservations are made in advance.
  • Take a look at the famous Israeli guerrilla forces of the 1940's, the fighting force that took on the might of the British army. The Palmach Museum gives an inspirational account of the training, fighters, movements and victories of the Palmach. The museum is surprisingly entertaining and extremely informative.
  • Tel Aviv's beaches are just a stone's throw from the heart of the city and are remarkably beautiful. Clean, golden and sun-drenched, these beaches are often filled with locals between Friday afternoon and Sunday evening. Barbecues, beach sports and Brazilian drums beckon visitors to this beautiful part of the city.
  • Tourists can shop until they drop at Tel Aviv's very first shopping mall - the Dizengoff Centre. Don't let the 'first shopping mall' title deter thoughts of visiting, as it is still a great place to wonder for a day. Over 400 shops, two cinemas, dozens of different restaurants and a fantastic atmosphere can be found at this busy shopping complex.
  • Enjoy a day of thrills and exhilaration at Lunar Park. Much of the park is child-friendly, so families will be ecstatic after a day out here. There are two monolithic roller coasters housed in the park and these are always extremely popular. Worth noting, the Meimadyon Water Park is a short walk from Lunar Park.
  • The Land of Israel is a fascinating part of the globe. Tourists can explore the wonder of this ancient land through the Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv's premier archaeological and historical centre. Come face to face with ancient anthropological relics like coins, pottery and ceramics from as far back as the Bronze Age. The Tel Quasile (layers of culture) exhibition is a real must-visit.
  • The Israeli Premier League is alive and well in Tel Aviv, as three major teams compete in the competition. The Ramat Gan Stadium is filled on weekends with over 40,000 screaming fans. This is a great way to enjoy the city's sporting prowess. Local soccer teams like Hapoel and Maccabi are among the most popular football clubs in Israel.
  • Tel Aviv's Museum of Art attraction will enthrall art lovers with its splendid array of modern masterpieces. Boasting both permanent and temporary collections, the museum was first established way back in 1971 and has since been a home for many artistic styles of the modern era. Cubism, Futurism, German Expressionism and Surrealism are just some of the collections on display.

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