Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)
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(Tel Aviv, Israel)

Israel's number two city, Tel Aviv lies on the country's western coastline and next to the inviting Mediterranean Sea. One of Israel's most densely populated cities, Tel Aviv has an overall population of 375,000 people. The metropolitan area is considerably larger, containing almost three million inhabitants. Tel Aviv was officially founded in 1909, although a number of earlier settlements were located in this area.

The Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) lies in Tel Aviv's south-eastern suburbs and can be found close to the city of Lod. Due to this location, the airport was previously referred to as Lod Airport and has grown rapidly in recent years, becoming the premier international airport in the whole of the country.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) Maps: Important City Districts

Around the centre of Tel Aviv you will find numerous cultural attractions, with highlights including the nearby Opera House and Culture Hall. There are also a large number of museums both in and around the city centre, such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Exhibition Centre, to the north.

Home to almost 30,000 students, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is the biggest university in Israel and features nine different faculties. The area around the campus caters well for the younger crowd and contains plenty of cheap dining options.

The coastline around Tel Aviv is spectacular and many eye-catching buildings line stretches of the sandy beachfront. Further afield, the main suburbs include B'nei Brak, Kfar Habad, Petah Tikva and Savyon.

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